10 Errors That You Must Solve If You Want To Earn (More) Money With Your Business Of Advice, Consulting Or Coaching, Even Working Less

This year I have been given a lot to write in my articles on “making money.” Sure, it’s not making money in any way, that’s not my specialization, but making money through your professional business. Especially if you have a business of advice, consulting, coaching or similar.

Most of the time I start small market research with my contacts, followers, potential clients, etc., and ask them “what is the biggest problem they have in your business?”, The answer immediately is “I do not earn enough, I do not have clients, I have just started, and I have no income, “and others very similar. How is it possible that so many people have “the same” problem and, happens and pass the time, and they still do not solve it?

If You Feel Identified With This, Let’s See What They Are:

 10 main mistakes for which you are not making money with your professional business  (so you can solve it as soon as possible!)

Mistake # 1 – Selling Your Knowledge As Shoes

This is an example that I love to give because it is very graphic. Do you sell your knowledge as if it were a massive product? First reason, then, why you do not make money or money is elusive. Services require other types of promotion and publicity strategies so that your clients understand that this service is precisely what they need, and they also choose among their many other options.

Selling services or products of your knowledge (such as info products) requires strategies where valid promotion is not about what you sell, not about you, what you know, what you are, but about how you can transform your clients’ lives. Through such product or service or what benefits or results, your client will obtain when he manages to solve that problem that bothers him.

Mistake # 2 – Not Having An Ideal Client (Sell To Everyone Or Anyone)

I should probably have put this in the first place because besides being one of the most harmful, it is still the most common. When a client realizes that what you have to offer is ideal for him (or what in your case is that the client is perfect), money is one of the most salvageable obstacles. If you do not believe me, try to sell something “almost free” to someone who does not need it. Money is not the most important thing. That this service is ideal for your client is.

Mistake # 3 – Do Not Use Your Talent To Stand Out

You already know that there are thousands and hundreds of thousands of professionals who do the same as you. So, you have to give your clients a good reason to be chosen. A fabulous way to stand out is to use your talent to do it.   The way you do what you do, the way you show yourself and what you show is what your potential client can evaluate you.

If you connect with your way of being, with that plus that gives you your talent, then you will be much more “hooked” to you for those reasons than for other more formal as differentiators, competitive advantage, etc.

Mistake # 4 – Do Not Be Specific In What You Offer

The more generic you do it, the less you feel it is ideal for him. The more strange words you use (although for you they are ubiquitous because you dedicate yourself to it!) The less you can connect what you need with your solution.

Offer to coach, consulting, a tool that is called this or that way; it is not what your client needs. Your client needs to know that you have a solution for your problem called such or such.

I help my clients who sell their knowledge to maximize their company, to earn more, to work less. It does not matter if I do coaching, consulting, a combination of both, or if it’s something else. Results That’s the main. The method is curiosity (and some ask, and I explain), but it will not be decisive.

Error # 5 – Be Invisible Or Anonymous And Pretend To Be Bought

If nobody knows you, why do you suppose they’re going to buy you? This is the way: first, they know you, then they like you, then they trust you, and eventually, they hire you. How much time are we talking about? It is very variable, it depends on what you offer, how you connect with people, your communication, etc., but that is the way. If you do not go there, it will certainly take longer and longer to arrive, and it is even likely that you stay on the road without achieving results.

Error # 6 – Do Not Value Your Services

Valuing means knowing your value. Not its price, what they are worth. What you can help achieve, what you transform, the cost you avoid, the impact that the problem you solve has on their lives.

Not valuing your services is having low rates, it does not know how to sell yourself, it is doing everything the same as others do, it is not communicating how you can help your ideal client, it is not showing how you can make a difference.

Mistake # 7 – Do Not Share Anything For Free Or Give It All For Free

This is one of my favorites because balance is always the most complicated challenge. It is a mistake not to share anything for free with your potential customers. Why? Because through free resources (a book, a talk, a class, a paper, etc.) you can achieve many goals much more quickly. For example, to let you know, connect with your potential customers, position yourself in a particular market (and at a certain level of that market), that you like them, that they realize that you are the solution to their problems, that they have a sample of your work, etc.

But, you can not give away all your work, because in that case, why would a customer bother buying you if you give everything for free?

Mistake # 8 – Do Not Use The Internet To Leverage Your Business And Reach The Whole World

How would your professional practice change if you could use the internet to leverage not only the number of clients that reach you but also the income you generate? Why then limit yourself to offering your knowledge only locally?

Mistake # 9 – Want Results Overnight

A metaphor that I like at this point … “How do we get a 3-month-old to start crawling?” What ?! We can not?! For the same reason, your business needs to grow, be strong, evolve, position itself, be known, be recognized, and then you will see results.

To wait for them before is not only to put a lot of expectation, it is also to put everything to frustrate you before time. I do not say that you do not look for them; on the contrary, you have to have them in mind to guide you, focus, and do what you have to do to get results — but knowing exactly how to set your expectations so that they play you in favor, and not against.

Error # 10 – Do Not Learn From Your Mistakes

If you go around, hoping not to go wrong in your business, you are “fried.” Making mistakes is human, and many times, it is even a blessing because it allows you to use your creativity to find “another way” to achieve what you expect. Besides, you already know what the phrase says, what does not kill you makes you stronger.

The important thing is not “not to make mistakes” but to learn. If a strategy did not work, you have to think about why and try to solve it to the next one. If a client said “no,” you have to analyze your reason and see what you can improve for the next one. Capitalizing on your mistakes is even better than not committing them.


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